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Steve Deutsch Woodwinds, Etc.
2101B Woolsey,
Berkeley, California 94705
Woolsey at Shattuck in Berkeley and 3 blocks from BART
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Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Closed
Wednesday – Friday 11:30am – 6:30pm
10am – 5pm

Call for more information:
tel 510-533-6750
cell 510-302-8964

Over Christmas time, we had to close so we took the opportunity to remodel, new books racks, and slat wall to accommodate shelving and display fixtures. It looks good and Willow and I are proud of it.

New Di Zhao Flutes

Di Zhao Flutes

I am pleased to announce that I am now the distributor Di Zhao flutes here in Berkeley California. Priced between $900 and $3,000 these instruments are perfect for both the beginner and professional flautist. Coming in a variety of models from student to silver headjoints and bodies including grenadilla wood, they are a welcome addition to the flute world.

Pearl Flutes

I am pleased to announce that I am now the distributor for Pearl Flutes. I have their PF500 student flute here and it retails for $525.00, it is an excellent purchase for the beginner.

Gary Lewis Flute Crown

Gary Lewis Flute CrownThe new Lewis Crown combines three unique designs into a single unit that replaces the traditional crown on any flute:

  • A carefully tuned resonator augments the clarity and response of right hand notes so that the D - E - F regions of the first and second registers match the sound of the left hand as never achieved before. You can feel the increased vibrancy this resonator gives your headjoint by holding it near the tenon and tapping the embouchure.
  • A spring linkage reduces tension at the top of the headjoint and allows for freer vibration of the flute tube, letting the player experience reduced tension in their body as the instrument responds more easily and naturally.
  • An extension tube brings refinement of texture, ease of intervallic response, and a full ringing third register tone.

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A true renaissance artist, Steve Deutsch is a consummate musician-composer; master flute, clarinet and saxophone repairman; teacher; painter and photographer, and has made a home in the San Francisco Bay Area for 35 years.

Steve Deutsch Woodwinds, Etc. - Repair, Berkeley, CA

  • David Straubinger Certified Pad Installation
  • Altus Flutes Authorized Repair
  • Muramatsu Authorized Repair
  • Flutes and Sax mechanical restorations
  • Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon repair
  • 25+ years of experience
  • All work warranteed
  • Music Lessons
  • Buy and sell instruments
  • Fine art

Steve Deutsch Woodwind Repair, Berkeley, CA

Steve Deutsch on flute, Berkeley, CA

Muramatsu Certification

Muramatsu Certification

After my week of intensive training in Los Angeles with master repair technician Paul Rabinov, who trained with Bob Gilchrist, Jon Landell, Muramatsu and others, I received this certificate for Muramatsu flute repair. This gives me access to purchase Muramatsu pads and parts that are made specifically for the Muramatsu flute.

At this time I am one of five technicians in the United States trained in the advanced techniques necessary to the repair of Muramatsu flutes and the installation of their specially designed pads.

Abelet Clarinet and Saxophone ligature


I am proud to be the only musical store in the United Sates to introduce and carry the Abelet Clarinet and Saxophone ligature. I've been using it now on my Alto Saxophone and it brings a wonderful clarity to the sound and articulations. Come on in and try it out.

Each ligature comes with three plates each of which holds the reed in a different way and provides an option of different sounds, attack and response.

The best way to find out is to come in and try it!

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