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I have a nice selection of reeds including Rico, VanDoren, Ligaphone and Rigotti.

Every musician needs cork grease and jokes.

Finally got a lathe, great for tenon corks, making small parts and anything else. The industrial age would not exist without the lathe and milling machine.

We have saxophone, flute and clarinet cases.

We have saxophone, clarinet and flute cleaning swabs, tuners and teeth saver mouthpiece savers.

Flute cleaning cloths and Bo-Peps, which are a ergonomic flute playing aid.

Fruit shakers for that Latin music touch.

This Chair Caddy can be use to store pencils, laptop, phone, things that you want nearby but out of your way.

We have musical noise reducing earplugs and irish tin whistles.

Need another neck? Peter Ponzol tenor $500, Selmer VI Alto $650, and Conn Alto $325

We have flute cases

Runyon Teeth and Mouthpiece Saver

Micro fiber cloths good for removing finger smudges or cleaning your glasses.

A light for your music stand.

Thumb rest cushions for your right hand thumb on clarinet and oboes.

Keep your flute from getting sat on by using a stand!

Get more life our of your reeds by trimming them back when they start getting tired.

I have a nice selection of used and new mouthpieces for soprano, alto, tenor and bari saxophones and clarinets.

ReedGeek "Universal" Reed Tool

Steve Deutsch Woodwinds, Etc. is proud to announce that we are now
a Reedgeek dealer. No longer will you be throwing away more than one half of the reeds you're buying. Check out these videos that will show you how to use this amazing tool and you'll be happy you made the investment.

Tim Price - The Reed Geek (YouTube video)
David Sanborn, ReedGeek demo & discussion (YouTube video)
Reed Geek Instructions (text and video)

Protec sax neckstrap. $19.95


Bopeps. $10.95 each

These are call bopeps, they are an ergonomic aid in holding the flute and help to make it more comfortable to do so. There is one attachment for the right hand thumb and two for the left hand index finger depending on the size of your hand. For those of us getting older (most of us I think) they are a real aid in confronting arthritis or other hand problems.

Seidman Flute Stopper Plug. $40

Made for a universal fit, the amazing Seidman Flute Stopper Plug replaces the cork in your existing cork mounting hardware, as shown to the left. Most things in life that appear "too good to be true" are a disappointment. This is FOR REAL and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Cork seals, but also deadens the sound of your flute. My stopper plug will seal the end of the flute while adding resonance due to its being made of an acoustically reflective material , a hard acetal plastic. Its unique shape creates space around the head joint tubing that allows the tubing walls to vibrate more fully.
The three 'O' rings add the right amount of dampening to balance and control the pitch and tone.

I have placed the Seidman Flute Stopper Plug in my wood Powell flute and it is quite amazing. Articulations come easier and the sound is larger without changing the tonal quality. It is quite easy to install and you will appreciate the response and ease of playing.

K&M Flute Peg. $20.95

K&M Flute Stand. $20.95

K&M compact and extremely light flute stand with 4-leg base. The plastic peg diameter is 18mm. The zinc die-cast legs ensure a very high stability. Folded up the stand fits in almost every pocket. And comes with an attractive transparent bag.

These stands for both flute and piccolo and alto flute screw into a very sturdy base. The flute/piccolo stand is $29.95, the base is $29.95. The second photo also displays an alto flute stand for $42.50 and the base for $29.95.

This is a clarinet thumb rest with a neckstrap ring holder. The cost including installation is $40.

These great stands fold up and come with a carrying bag and cost only $49.95.

These flute snakes fit over the tuning rod to clean your flute. $14.95

These are flute and piccolo wands that clean all the down to the plate inside the headjoint. $29.95 each

Flute Cases

This beautiful cherry wood flute case will fit any flute both C and B foot. $139.00

Northwind Cases

This is the case made for my flute by Northwind Cases in Tuscon, Arizona. They make cases for Powell, Brannen-Cooper, and Haynes and are the finest cases made. Steve Deutsch Woodwinds, Etc. is now the authorized dealer for these cases and they can now be special ordered to fit the exact dimensions of your flute.


Prices are:

B or C flute case $220
Piccolo case $156
Combination Flute/Piccolo $269

Prices for other cases, headjoint, combinations, bassoon and double reeds,
alto flute, bass flute are available upon request.

Your choice of interior velvet colors are:
Royal blue, Wine, Black, Bright red, Sea Green (Teal), Spruce (Forest Green), Purple

Delivery time is 2-6 weeks depending on how busy they are.

I can get any case or accessory for you from the following companies. Delivery time is about a week.

Northwind Cases, Inc.

Walt Johnson Cases

PRO TEC International

Reunion Blues

König & Meyer (K&M)

Contact Steve: tel: 510-533-6750 or email:


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