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Clarinets for sale:

This is a Selmer Series 10 clarinet overhauled by me two years ago and one of the best clarinets ever made. $1500.00

This Selmer Centertone Clarinet, made in 1951 has been raised from the dead. I fixed the broken tenon on the bottom, the crack on the bell and someone else did the bands you see on the top joint. With the overhaul just completed this clarinet has one of the biggest sounds I’ve ever heard, Warm and round, you have to come in and check this out. $1250.00

This 1946 Selmer Clarinet has just had its check oil and adjust and is ready to go. $850.00

This 1986 R13 Buffet Clarinet has just been lovingly restored, keys cleaned, new synthetic pads, corks. It comes with a nice Buffet case. If you’re serious about clarinet this should be played. $2200.00

This is a Vito Bass Clarinet made by the LeBlanc corporation. Just completely overhauled with new pad and corks. You too can sound like Eric Dolphy. Comes with a Yamaha mouthpiece and a solid case. $1200.00

Selmer A clarinet “London Selmer model” is now here with new pads and is $2200.00

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