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This 1956 Selmer Centertone Clarinet has just been completely restored with new pads and corks. One chimney was rebuilt, the crack on the bell filled in, and there was a crack in the upper joint that has been pinned. This has a big fat sound and comes with the original case. $1250.00

The LeBlanc Dynamic 2 clarinet is one of the best clarinets ever made, right up there with Buffet and Selmer. Pete Fountain played a LeBlanc. This one has just had a complete restoration, new pads and corks and a wonderful big sound. $1595.00

Buffet E11 Clarinet: This is Buffet’s intermediate wood clarinet, an E11. It has just had a COA with pads replaced and comes with a Buffet mouthpiece, cleaning silk cloth and cork grease. Perfect for your serious but not wanting to spend lots amateur or professional. $895.00

This Selmer series 10 clarinet has just been completely overhauled. It dates from the 1960s and is in perfect shape. It comes with a large case with plenty of room for stuff. $1,600.00

A 1936 Selmer A clarinet in great shape, it has no cracks, just had a COA and is ready to go. $1,500.00

This is a Jean Batiste Eb Sopranino Clarinet. Completely restored with new pads and corks it will sound great at the top of a Klezmer orchestra. $1,150.00

This Buffet R-13 Bb Clarinet is like brand new, with great gortex pads, a clean case, and will last you for the rest of your life. $2200.00


Charles Bay clarinet mouthpiece for $150

Selmer S Clarinet Mouthpiece $100

Van Doren B46 clarinet mouthpiece $125

Otto Link Clarinet Mouthpiece #7 $150

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