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Flutes for sale:

I would like to to welcome you to my new flutes for sale part of my website.

We now carry the Dean-Yang lines of flutes distributed by the Little Piper in Royal Oak, Michigan. In stock are the Amber, Topaz models and Alto flute with both curved and straight headjoints. Also available are Azumi and Trevor James intermediate model flutes with silver openhole, B foot and C gizmo key.

My store hours are Tuesday – Friday 11:30am – 6:30pm, Saturday 10am – 5pm and I would like to invite you come in at your convenience, you’re welcome at anytime.

Gary Lewis Flute CrownSteve Deutsch Woodwinds is now a distributor for Gary Lewis flute crown assemblies.

The new Lewis Crown combines three unique designs into a single unit that replaces the traditional crown on any flute.

More information >

Di Zhao Flutes

I am quite pleased to have Di Zhao flutes in my store. As a flautist and repairman for 40 years I believe in the quality of craftsmanship that these flutes represent. All flutes come with a one year warranty and a free COA after three months. All repairs are done here in our repair shop. — Steve Deutsch
Di Zhao
Di Zhao

Di Zhao graduated from Wuhan Conservatory, after which he played at the Hunan Broadcast Orchestra for two years as its principal flutist. In 1984 he became the principal flutist at the National Ensemble Orchestra of China in Beijing, a post that he held until 1990 when he came to the United States to pursue his Master's Degree at Indiana University. In 1992 he attended West Iowa Technical College, the noted repair school, where he enrolled in the program of Band Instrument repair.

At the end of 1992, Mr. Zhao was hired to work for Verne Q. Powell Flutes, beginning his nearly 20-year flute making career. During his 13 years at Powell, Mr. Zhao mastered all aspects of flute production, working as a padder, headjoint maker, stringer, and body maker. In 2002, he was promoted to Powell's Vice President of Quality.

Since working at Powell, Mr. Zhao has also served as Vice President and General Manager at William S. Haynes Flutes. He has worked as a consultant for many other companies, perhaps most notably helping Sonare and Haynes establish factories in China, all the while continuing to produce excellent high-quality flutes.

Now Mr. Zhao has started his own flute business and has built a flute factory in China, working to produce the best quality flutes in China for the next generation. Di Zhao's flutes are played by hundreds of famous flutists around the world.

C-flute  •  Piccolo  •  Alto and Bass flutes  •  Grenadilla wood flute

All of our instruments are made with careful attention to precision in our factory in Tianjin, China. The workers are all superbly trained directly by Mr. Zhao. The flutes are all padded with Pissoni pads, and all pads are partially shimmed like professional flutes. All instruments are made to achieve smooth key action, fast response, and excellent resonance.

All of our instruments are tested and adjusted by Di Zhao, similarly to the top professional flutes in the United States, before being shipped to you. Hand-cut headjoints with undercuts and overcuts make the sound quality full and easy to play. ALL flutes are tuned to pitch 442. The wood in our grenadilla flutes has been carefully selected, treated, and seasoned to resist changes in temperature and humidity.

Di Zhao models in stock:

MINIDI - #D foot joint, offset G, closed hole, curved headjoint, silver plated - $716
DZ 200COA - C-foot , closed hole, offset G, silver plated - $925
DZ 500BOF - B-foot, open hole, offset G, pointed arms, silver plated with solid silver headjoint - $1,799
DZ 700BOF - B-foot, open hole, offset G, pointed arms, solid silver body and headjoint - $2,764
DZA - Alto flute in G with straight and curved headjoint, silver plated - $2,272



2012 Di Zhao Flutes Price List






All Silver plated


#D foot joint, offset G, closed hole, curved headjoint



C-foot , Closed hole, Offset G



C-foot, Open hole, Inline G



C-foot, Open hole, Offset G



B-foot, Open hole, Inline G



B-foot, Open hole, Offset G


All Silver Plated with Solid Silver Headjoint


B-foot, Open hole, Inline G, Y- arms



B-foot, Open hole, Offset G, Y-arms




B-foot, Open hole, Inline G, Pointed arms



B-foot, Open hole, Offset G, Pointed arms


Solid Silver Body and Headjoints


B-foot, Open hole, Inline G, Y- arms



B-foot, Open hole, Offset G, Y-arms




B-foot, Open hole, Inline G, Pointed arms



B-foot, Open hole, Offset G, Pointed arms




Alto flute in G with straight and curved Headjoint, Silver plated



Bass flute with curved headjoint only, silver plated



DZP 101

ABS Plastic piccolo


DZP 201

Grenadilla wood piccolo


Grenadilla wood flutes


Grenadilla wood flute, C-foot, open hole, offset G



Grenadiila wood flute, B-foot, Open hole, Offset G.


DiZhao wood piccolos: These are wonderful brand new wood piccolos. This instrument was made with the best aged African hardwood, created by the former maker for Powell and Haynes. $1495.00

Contact Steve Deutsch for details:
Tel: 510-533-6750

Dean-Yang Flutes

I am proud to have the Dean-Yang line of flutes here in my store. They are well made, have a great sound, I would not have them here if I did not believe in their quality. I go through each instrument making sure that everything is perfect, the pads, that the head and foot joints fit the way I want them to get the best sound possible.

I back the sale of each instrument with my personal warranty on parts and labor for one year. If you drop it, leave it on a sofa and someone sits on it, leave it on the roof of your car and drive off, it falls off your bike because your bungi cord broke, and these things do happen, well, sorry, no warranty in that case.

Amber model:

Curved head model shown with optional gold plated lip plate

  • Silver-plated flute with hand-cut sterling silver lip plate
  • French style case and cover included

Amber model:

  • Dean Yang Amber
  • Dean Yang Amber
  • Dean Yang Amber
  • Dean Yang Amber (Shown with optional gold plated lip plate)
  • Dean Yang Amber
  • Dean Yang Amber (Shown with optional gold plated lip plate)
  • Dean Yang Amber
  • Dean Yang Amber

A1C Closed Hole, C foot $839
  Both curved and straight headjoints $949
A2B Open hole, B foot, Inline or offset G $1,059
T2B Open hole, B foot $1,459
Inline or offset G, same price
E2B Open hole, B foot $2,089
E2BH Open hole, B foot, Heavy wall $2,189
Inline or offset G, same price
Emerald Special
ES2B Open hole, B foot $2,589
ES2BH Open hole, B foot, Heavy wall $2,689
Inline or offset G, same price
Dean Yang Piccolo
PICC Dean Yang Piccolo $1,800
ALTO Curved or straight headjoint with Sterling Silver lip plate $1,499
ALTO Both curved and straight headjoints with Sterling Silver lip plate $1,799
ALTO Curved or straight Sterling Silver headjoint $1,999
ALTO Both curved and straight Sterling Silver headjoints $2,699

The Dean Yang Flute...

Embouchure holes are hand cut on all models and are play tested during the cutting process to guarantee tonal sonority, response and projection from each flute.

Each flute has precise tone hole placement and sizing drawn to professional specification to assure correct seating and impeccable intonation.

The Dean Yang Scale is the most advanced scale available today. It is the result of years of study and testing by professional flutists and skilled technicians.

High quality treated double-skin pads are hand set and leveled with paper shims to prevent leakage, provide longevity and ensure precise seating.

Concealed adjustment screws on all models give a streamlined appearance with professional touch capabilities and easy repair access.

Keys are artistically designed for comfort and smooth technical facility as well as a pleasing sculptured appearance.

Extra section pins are used for added strength and reduced maintenance.

Rib construction features a solid, one-piece design, providing deep-anchored secure post mountings and secure rod and key alignment.

All plated flutes are created using a special plating process for lasting beauty and durability.

The Gizmo key (High C Facilitator) is standard on all B-foot models.

Before delivery, each flute is tested and “fine tuned” by professional flutists to ensure that the instrument’s mechanical features are as pleasing as its aesthetic qualities.

Available from Steve Deutsch Woodwinds

Dean-Yang Alto flute w/straight and curved headjoint, $1799.00

Dean-Yang Alto flute w/silver curved headjoint, $1999.00

Dean-Yang Topaz model flute, OH w/ silver head joint offset G and B foot, $1459.00

Dean-Yang Emerald heavy wall mode flute, OH, w/silver head joint offset G, B foot and Split E, $2414.00

Dean-Yang Emerald heavy wall model flute, OH,w/silver head joint offset G, B foot, $2189.00

Dean Yang Emerald regular wall model flute, OH w/silver head joint offset G, B foot, $2089.00

Dean-Yang Amber flute w/ silver lip plate, closed hole, C foot, $839.00

Muramatsu GHE flute w/ silver body and head joint, open hole, B Foot, offset G, split E, engraved lip plate, $6875.00

Muramatsu DCG OH flute w/silver body and head joint, Eb roller, Offset G, C# trill key, B foot, $10,250.00

Muramatsu EG OH flute w/ silver head joint, B foot, offset G, $3,900.00

I am pleased to announce that I am now the distributor for Pearl Flutes. I have their PF500 student flute here and it retails for $525.00. It is an excellent purchase for the beginner.

It is all silver plated, with offset G (no split E), C foot joint, and Pearl's standard quantz headjoint cut. Like all Pearl flutes, the exclusive pinless mechanism is at the heart of the mechanics. The PF500 comes with the basics: a plastic hardshell case and a wood cleaning rod.

On consignment

I do sell instruments on consignment. My terms are as follows: The instruments must work correctly or they will not sell. If they need repair and I do the work then I want to paid for that work up front and not when the instrument sells. I charge a 30% fee of the asking sale price, this covers my costs for advertising, putting it up on my website, and my time for talking to the customer.

Steve Deutsch Woodwinds

Dana Sheridan is one of the best headjoint makers around; it has a great big warm sound. $1300

Wooden headjoints have become popular as the modern flute design has gotten louder. The sound of wood is sweeter and not as abrasive. This Sedona headjoint, designed and made by Chris McKenna had those qualities and can be fit to your flute. $850.00

This 1976 Muramatsu Flute has a wonderful warm sound, and it has just been overhauled and is ready to go. Silver headjoint and body, in line G with low B. $2995

Haynes Piccolo 1923 - This just restored with new pads and corks 1923 solid silver Haynes Piccolo is a gem. It has a full rich sound. It does not have Bb trill key for the right hand. $2195.00

Gemeinhardt Alto Flute - This is a used Gemeinhardt Alto Flute in good condition. Case is solid and the sound is dark and lovely. $1350.00

This wood flute made by Karl Richter in Dresden, Germany has been completely restored. I believe it was made in the 1920's. Cracks in the head joint have been fixed, all pads replaced and it comes with a brand new Northwind flute case. $2195.00

This handmade Powell Commercial model flute was made in 1965. It is solid silver body, head joint and keys, and a brand new mechanical restoration. A warm sound that is not as piercing as newer flutes tend to be. $4,995.00

This Artley flute is solid silver body and head joint, plated keys. Made in 1973, they were made to compete with Haynes and Powell at the time. It has a very sweet sound and a brand new set of pads and is very affordable, $895.00

This is a David Drelinger “butterfly” cut wood piccolo headjoint. $650.00

This Gemeinhardt 4W wood piccolo has just been completely restored with Kraus (almost) forever pads. Please don't march in the rain with it though. $1,200.00

This brand new DiZhao Alto Flute comes with two head joints and is easy and comfortable to play. $2275.00

This Yamaha 774 is an incredible flute. Solid Silver body and keys, just had a COA, has an offset G, split E, Low B foot and is for sale for $4995.00

For photos or more information, contact

Steve Deutsch
Tel: 510-533-6750

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