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This Selmer Series 80 Alto Saxophone is in perfect shape. Just had it's COA and ready to go. $3,200.00

This Paul Mauriat curved soprano saxophone is in perfect shape, no scratches of any kind, great intonation. What else could one want? $2,200.00

This King Cleveland Alto saxophone is perfect to start on. 60 yrs old but in great shape as you can see. $850.00

This Conn “Lady on the Bell” Alto Saxophone was made in 1946. I just did a mechanical restoration and that clean sound has been restored. It comes with a solid case, not the original, and it really does have this deep copper brass color. There are minor scratches on the bell but outside of that it is immaculate. $3,200.00

This 1920’s gold-plated Conn Alto walked in here not long ago. The engraving as you can see is just stunning.

This 1957 “The Martin Alto” is the kind of horn that Art Pepper played, I just gave it a COA and it plays great. $1,995.00

This 1952 Conn 10M Tenor Saxophone has just had its COA and wow! can it play! It has that Sonny Rollins 50’s St. Thomas sound. That Link mouthpiece does not come with the horn however and I gotta keep it. It has the original case. $3200.00

1959 "The Martin Alto" Committee Saxophone. The kind Art Pepper played. $1,995.00

Saxophone Mouthpieces: Most of these mouthpieces are for Alto Saxophone. There are Lawton, Phil Barone, Selmer, Meyer, Ott Link, Morgan and more. Prices are from $125–400.

Coming soon: “The Martin Alto”. Looking for a neck and will pay handsomely. $1,995.00

Coming soon: Bundy Tenor sax, $725.00

I am proud to be the only musical store in the United Sates to introduce and carry the Abelet Clarinet and Saxophone ligature. I've been using it now on my Alto Saxophone and it brings a wonderful clarity to the sound and articulations. Come on in and try it out.

Each ligature comes with three plates each of which holds the reed in a different way and provides an option of different sounds, attack and response.

The best way to find out is to come in and try it!

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