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Steve Deutsch Music - Muramatsu Flute Repair Workshop

This is Paul Rabinov's workshop in Los Angeles where I took my Muramatsu Flute training class in March of 2012. Since he works only on flutes not much space is needed.

A very compact setup with pads on the left, parts, pliers and a swedging tool in the vise on the right.

The master Paul Rabinov at work.

With a pleased client.

These are some of the tools for use on Muramatsu Flutes. Pads, screw drivers, oil, key height indicators, a tool to round out and enlarge flute chimneys for the open hole keys if need be, a feeler gauge.

Swedging a flute key. This stretches the metal tubing so the key will fit.

Checking to make sure the key fits.

This is a pair of pliers used to bend keys. Notice the felt glued to them on the left so as not to mar the key when bending. Yes, sometimes we have to bend.

This is a pliers used to pull out flute pins. One must be careful not to cut the end of the pin off however.

This is jewelers or watchmakers lathe. Its uses are only limited by the imagination.

These are a complete set of collets used to hold screws, tools, whatever needs to be held tightly while spinning in the lathe.

You can never have too many tools, files, a jacobs chuck, drills.

This is a set of collets used to round or reshape flute head joint and foot tenons.

Here is the collet installed in a much larger lathe as the inside diameter of the collet is a little larger than 3/4".

Rounding out the tenon the fit on the foot joint.

This item can be used to absorb moisture and dirt from the flute pads. Just put in between the pad and tone hole, gently close and pull out.

This oil is great for wood piccolos, flutes and any other wood items you may have.

This metal polish is used as a fine grinding compound to fit rods inside keys. Please do not use to polish your flute.

Paul Pabinov and I. I'm grateful to his generosity and to the Muramatsu Flute Company for time well spent expanding my knowledge and understanding of flute repair. All to make sure I give you the best service possible.


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