Steve Deutsch

Fine Oil Paintings

Steve Deutsch has been painting in oil for over 30 years. He is available for commissions.
Contact Steve Deutsch: , 510-533-6750

Merle Haggard

This is my interpretation of a Japanese print by Kawase Hasui.

This is a color version of Dexter Gordon from the famous photo by Herman Leonard.

This is a portrait of my stepmom Betty Deutsch.
She was a kind soul and really helped me with her endless love. She just died at 92.
Baboon And Lizard
This is a painting that I did for a kids bedroom. The image is from a Gustave Dore lithograph and it is as magical as I when I first saw it. Giclee prints are available in varying sizes and prices.


This is a commissioned portrait of
Jazz chanteuse Marky Quayle for her CD cover.







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