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Saxophone Care

These are some very simple things you can do to take care of your sax. With a little time and love it will respond to your kindness and play for you for many years to come. The Stuffit swabs work well but be aware that after a while they start to rot and leave small pieces of fabric that get caught in between the pad and tone hole.

Keep the neck tenon and the receiver clean by using 0000 steel wool. This removes any corrosive buildup that makes it hard to both put the neck in the horn and take it apart.

For sticky pads there are a few things that will work. Take a dollar bill (or a twenty if you feel extravagant) and put it between the key and tone hole, press the key down and pull your money out slowly. You can also do this with 600 grit (or finer) sandpaper with the sandpaper side against the tone hole. And finally, citrus based products such as Formby's Lemon Oil, De-solvit, and Seventh Generation can be applied with a pipe cleaner to the pad or put on a piece of paper and applied using the dollar bill method. There are pads made out of kangaroo leather that don't stick, these are a special order item.

Fingerprints and smudge can be taken off with a chamois cloth. I've been looking for a biodegradable cleaning agent for mouthpieces for a long time and it turns out that white vinegar works great. Take your metal mouthpiece and soak it for a couple of minutes and then clean it with an old toothbrush. Repeat with soap and luke warm water afterwards to eliminate the smell. You can do the same thing with plastic and hard rubber mouthpieces but soak for more than a couple of minutes and it might turn green.

Put a drop of key oil in all the joints where the keys butt up against the posts once every two of three months. This will keep rods and keys from rusting, which happens frequently in this climate.

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