ALERT: Stolen Instruments

Fellow Music Stores and Other Dealers:

On Thursday Dec 22nd 2016, our music store (and apparently another one ?) was the victim of a slick con artist, posing as an eye doctor having recently set up a local practice. A bald African-American, appr 40 yrs old, 5ft 8-9", wearing glasses and driving a grey Mercedes SUV; wrote a bad check for the following (now considered "Stolen") instruments:
• Bach Trumpet Model LT1901B Stradivarius Commercial, S/N 734701 (value $4K); and
• C.A. Gotz 4/4 Violin, S/N 20011 (value $2K), in Black Protec Violin case.
Any information about these instruments is greatly appreciated. Police files are currently being created.

At appr 1:00am on Thursday May 2, 2013, our music store was the victim of a “smash and grab” robbery.
Following is a list of inventory stolen (six new saxophones, and one used saxophone), all without cases:

• Selmer 52JBL Series II Jubilee (Black Lacquer) Alto Sax, SN N738698;
• Cannonball TVREL Vintage Reborn “Empire Ltd Ed.” Tenor Sax, V159155;
• Yanagisawa A992PG (PINK GOLD finish) Alto Sax, SN 316263; and

“Second Hit”: For the second time this week (10:25pm Friday May 3, 2013), our music store was the victim of a “smash and grab” robbery. WE HAVE CLEAR VIDEO, AND WILL FORWARD SCREEN SHOTS and vehicle description ASAP. Following is a list of additional inventory stolen (three new saxophones, and two used saxophones), all without cases:

• Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax (used) SN 106465;
• Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax (used) SN 118727;
• Selmer AS32 Alto Sax (new) SN AK06912074;

• Selmer AS42 Alto Sax (new) SN 2491203
• CannonBall TVPCL “Vintage Pete Christlieb” Tenor Sax (new) SN V154069.

Any information regarding these instruments would be sincerely appreciated. Scott Mandeville, Owner ( )   •   Ron Wainwright, Retail Manager ( ) – Tim's Music (aka Tim's Band Instrument Service)
2812 Marconi Ave, Sacramento CA 95821 • Tel: (916) 925-9160, Fax: (916) 925-7306
(Five instruments recovered! We certainly appreciate your efforts, and obviously there is a great benefit to your “Stolen” page! — Ron Wainwright)

Additional Stolen Instruments

  • Stolen Muramatsu AD flute w/ offset G, split E, low Eb roller #54595 and a Frederick wood piccolo. Call Rachel Nolan, 412-715-2736
  • Selmer VII Tenor Saxophone with a Protec case stolen 7/26/13 has CCSF etched in the horn. Contact Leonard Sherman at 510-684-6382
  • Stolen Conn Baritone Sax #655327, Contact Jerry Logas at 415-431-7738
  • Emerson Piccolo #1140, Call Rebecca Kleinmann at 805-453-0428
  • Yamaha Custom EX Alto #C29727 and Yamaha Custom EX Tenor Saxophone #C81017 laquer w/ High F#, Call Anthony Dean at 619-569-0360
  • A Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone #92244 was stolen in San Francisco in 1986. If found contact its owner, Benjamin Perkoff, at +49301781360566 or

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• Haynes Flute #43995, Call Jim Gregory, 415-332-2555, $500 reward

On Sunday February 16, 2014, a tuba was stolen out of a car in Oakland, California. it is a Mirafone 191-4U BBb. Serial number: 9007024. It was in a black Meinl Weston top loading gig bag. Early in it's life, this instrument sustained some bell damage, which is evident in the stretch marks in the lacquer. In the gig bag was a Clements 'Ensemble' mouthpiece. Keep your eyes out for it. A report was filed with the Oakland police. Call them if you have any idea where this instrument is. The theft occurred at a church on Park Avenue between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. (not my horn)

• STOLEN: Buffet (Prestige edition) silver plated B flat wooden clarinet – Saturday, Nov. 29th, 2014 at ~ 6AM my Buffet (Prestige edition) silver plated B flat wooden clarinet was stolen during a burglary that I was victim of at 188 Marlow Drive, Oakland, CA. The burglary was reported to the Oakland Police Dept. about 8AM (after I returned home after being gone ~2 hours). I have the serial number for the clarinet. The clarinet model number is (1131 L-2; BC6721 = Prestige w/ the axillary E flat lever).

Description: Black wooden clarinet has an axillary E flat lever (on the right side) which is very unique. Per Rudy Tapiro….this type of clarinet is rarely found in the US. I purchased it when I was stationed in Sicily in the US Navy. My music teacher selected it for me and I am very sad to have had it stolen. A&G Music in Oakland has been very helpful in identifying the exact type etc. once I was able to find the serial numbers. I HAVE THE SERIAL NUMBER to identify it. The gold emboss on the horn isn't stamped in deeply and in some places has blended into the wood.
Case: Brown Leather w/ mauve velvet lining (a standard case)
Contents: mouth piece had a thin plastic teeth guard on it, black leather ligature (that in on the mouth piece), mouth piece cover has some markings on it from being chewed on when my Maltese would steal it out of the case when I would practice, reeds are numbered w/ a date, electronic Metronome; brown pencil case w/ reeds, case key, blue buffing rag; tacked into the mauve velvet lining of the clarinet case lining was a crucifix lapel pin, red/white shield lapel pin, 1999 Japan Olympics lapel pin, and a US Navy Musician Mate silver harp collar device. (in case any of these items are still in the case…and can help i.d. it).

Several items were stolen but the one I care about the most is my clarinet. Thank you for broadcasting this to anyone you know. Call or text me at 510-910-6694 (anytime) if you learn of the whereabouts of my instrument. — Be Healthy, Anita M Kobuszewski, MS, RD

• Stolen Flute and Piccolo

The following flute and piccolo were stolen sometime between Friday, September 26, 2008, 6:00 p.m. and Sunday morning, September 28, 2008, 8:00 a.m., from a secure parking garage in San Francisco – corner of 5th & Mission Streets:
Wm. S. Haynes Sterling Silver Flute - #49603 – B foot, C# trill key, French model (value $6,000)
Lillian Burkhart Silver Flute Headjoint – M2 style, .016" -- #1256 (value $1,725)
• Roy Seaman Grenadilla Wood Piccolo with split E mechanism --- #5080 (value $1,500)
Lillian Burkhart Grenadilla Wood Piccolo wave-style Headjoint – no number, but is engraved (value $500)
Wiseman Flute/Piccolo double case – value $500
Flute stand, piccolo stand, gig light – value $100

The police report was made Sunday morning, 9-28-2008, to Officer Buckner, SFPD, badge #1314. The case number is 081031709. It is being handled by the Auto division of SFPD, and the phone number there is 415-553-1261. — Susan Clark, Tel 925-754-2992, Cell 925-899-0740,

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*********BUYERS BEWARE ***********


I have filed an online report and called OPD, but they probably will show up to investigate when I am crowned queen of England. In the meanwhile I'm reaching out to the community for help in locating my horns.

These are of deep personal value to me, especially the alto and the clarinet; they were both my father's. The alto is the very first woodwind instrument I ever played as a child and has been with me until now. It would mean the world to me to get them back.

About the stolen horns

Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone SERIAL # M.192685 - later model, dent on bottom of bell, brass/golden color, 60-70% lacquer, bad solder job on low B/Bflat key guards, palm keys have almost all of the lacquer eroded from use, greenish corrosion forming near top hand tone holes, Meyer 5M mouthpiece, navy blue protec case with hercules stand in the pocket, many scores folded into the narrow pocket.

Buffet-Crampon Custom KO B-flat Clarinet SERIAL # 100042 - with KO engraving below buffet-crampon logos (in the place where you would see R13 or other model indication), rosewood, keys are tarnished silver or nickel, one selmer barrel for an A clarinet is in the case, reeds on a sheet of glass, custom mpiece, Bonade ligature, original case-- beaten up, wood shows on corners, old schedules from the 70s scotch taped to the front written on a typewriter.

Yamaha Tenor Saxophone YTS 475 SERIAL # D09178 - newer, shiny brass, intermediate model, made in china, Yanigasawa hard rubber mpiece, Berg Larsen metal mpiece, two cheap mouthpieces, matte grey plastic case with black trim and black interior

Gemeinhardt M2 Flute - Closed hole, offset G, C-Foot, solid silver, made in Elkhardt, IN, becoming slightly tarnished from use, possible foundation/makeup smudged on lip rest, case says BARUCH COLLEGE on it.

Please be on the lookout and share this information if you can. Contact Kim at 860-532-0345

Julia's Flute is a Yamaha 461, silver colored with gold/brass colored mouth piece. Serial # 666498P. It was purchased from Steve Deutsch in 2012 (don't know if year is identifiable on a flute). It was in a hard case (w/ Cal Band day sticker and a flute bumper sticker on it) and also a soft carry case with strap, both black.

I've attached a flier that we've made. ( Download flier > ) I have another picture of the flute assembled and sitting on the dining room table if that's any help.

If found, please contact Katherine Mattson 510-282-8142

My name is Emmy. My boyfriend Ivan Rondon recently had his clarinet stolen from his car in downtown Berkeley. It is a Henri Selmer Paris series 9, serial number W7137, with a Clark W Forbes mouthpiece. My phone number is 510-712-3121 in case you happen to find the clarinet. — December 19, 2016

My wife’s student had a flute and piccolo, in cases, stolen this week (March 22, 2017) from her car in Santa Cruz, CA. Flute: Trevor James Virtuoso, SN 038769. Piccolo: Haynes Grenadilla, SN 39384. Please contact the SCPD if sighted - 831-420-5800

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• Stolen Selmer Mark VI Silver Tenor Sax (Recovered!)

Stolen Instruments:
San Francisco legend Jack Gilder's beloved flute and concertina were stolen from The Plough and Stars pub on the evening of Thursday, August 13, 2015 after a gig.

The Concertina was a Wheatstone Anglo concertina no: 30439 and the flute was an early Grinter circa 2000. They were in a unique leather case that also has Jack's Great Grand Uncle's safety deposit box from the 1900s as a flute case.
In this video, Jack can be seen playing both:

These are irreplaceable and Jack is devastated. He can't afford to replace these instruments and will no longer be able to play music. If you see anyone trying to sell these instruments please contact Jack Gilder .

Muramatsu flute stolen in Alameda California (SN EX42474): My daughter, Laura, accidentally left it in the restroom in the Alameda Main Library, and it was gone when she returned about 30 minutes later to retrieve it. She also checked with the library's lost and found, and we have filed a police report for the loss.

Laura has been playing this flute daily, including in the Alameda high school orchestra and in their drama department pit band. She loves this flute like it is a part of herself, and is devastated.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide in resolving this unfortunate incident. Phil Ballou, Alameda, CA, 510-338-8793 (mobile and text), December 2015

Stolen Rebel Accordion: Renee De La Prade with her recently-stolen Rebel accordion, gone missing in Oakland this past week (January 22, 2016). Note the heart on the bellows, and the serial number: 1402044. Please contact Renee if you have any information for recovering this instrument. Photo by Julie Nagel.

Stolen in San Diego: Buffet R13 Clarinet – Serial number 481645 – Silver plated keys with some tarnish, Vandoren M13 lyre mouthpiece, Rovner ligature, Silk cleaning swab, Leather case inside a purple backpack. Yamaha 52 Tenor Sax – Serial number 019009 – Jody Jazz mouthpiece, Rico H ligature, Silk cleaning swab, Grey hard case with big scratches. The instruments were stolen in San Diego on the evening of August 2nd. The police report number is 16–032189. – Thank you, Stefanie Schmitz, Musician, Artist, Teacher, 858-344-6544, ,

In the Hayes Valley section of San Francisco, a Yamaha F tuba (Model YFB-822S) was stolen out of a car. It was in the original hard case (with Delta Airlines "Fragile" stickers on it). This is a tuba I used to own. It has a custom tuning trigger on the main tuning slide. It is a very unique set up so IF it surfaces, it should be very easy to identify. Serial number 434842. Please keep your eyes open. IF it does surface, call the police immediately. Please repost on any page you can think of. Thank you. — Tony Clements

Stolen horn and mouthpiece: Selmer Mark V1 SN# m145??? Silver solder on top curve of the bow. Most lacquer gone. Mouthpiece: 1960's Berg Larsen 110 over 0 m, with flesh colored dental enamel tooth plate with a thin strip of white epoxy where it was worn down to the metal. Case: Old cloth lined zipper Pro Tec. Contact Terry Hanck, e-mail: , Tel: 561-603-2508, Police report #17-029956

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Here's a list of the (musical) items stolen out of my trunk on 7/12, approx. 6:30 pm near 26 7th St., San Francisco:

  • Yamaha 481H open hole flute, serial #303202 soft & hard case
  • Yamaha 423E (61 key) keyboard, torn on right side, they didn't take case, cords or stand
  • Roland KC-150 Keyboard Amp, identifiable kink in cord and treble & bass knobs are broken off (metal only)
  • Sennheiser vocal mic

Police Report #170567013

Gaea Schell flautistOn July 12, I headed to ballet class en route to my gig in San Francisco (as I typically do), and parked where I've parked for 3 + years. In one hour, my window was smashed and trunk lever pulled, and everything (nothing was visible- it was in the trunk because I was on the way to a gig) was taken... my keyboard, amp, mic, pro Yamaha flute I'd had for 20 years, a few dozen of my own CDs, my hand written compositions & arrangements, my journal, my prescription eyeglasses, my gig clothes (I don't even own many clothes, and some of this stuff was only in the trunk because I had recently moved out of a place and hadn't yet moved it inside).
I am heartbroken. I would prefer my car be stolen over my flute and music. My flute (that I just had Steve Deustch work on), isn't even made anymore.

— Gaea Schell, Pianist / Flautist / Vocalist,,


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