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Steve Deutsch Music offers music lessons in Berkeley, CA, including flute lessons, saxophone lessons, clarinet lessons, trumpet lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, and bass lessons for music students in the Berkeley, California, San Francisco, Oakland, Albany, Emeryville, El Cerrito, East Bay area. Music Teachers include Steve Deutsch, Donna Viscuso, Rolf Johnson and Michael Wilcox.

Steve Deutsch flute saxophone and clarinet lessons, Berkeley, CADonna Viscuso flute and saxophone lessons, Berkeley, CARolf Johnson trumpet and piano lessons, Berkeley, CAMichael Wilcox, bass lessons, Berkeley, CA

Teaching Staff

This is the teaching room that was built to my specifications. It is soundproof, has ventilation, piano and stereo. I have put great effort into designing a place that is pleasant for both teacher and student and this has a direct impact on your learning experience, creativity and makes it FUN!

Photos of the new Lesson Studio in Construction

Steve Deutsch: Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet

I have been teaching for twenty years and have established my teaching studio at my store at 2101B Woolsey St. in Berkeley in addition to running my repair shop. I enjoy teaching very much and it is my goal to convey the pleasure I get from playing music and to pass on the benefits of not only playing but a sense of the discipline required. I believe the music to be the great universal language, it brings people together from all races, religions, and cultures and at its best can help to foster a sense of community and communion.

Lesson Emphasis:

  • Posture, breathing  and phrasing
  • Expressive playing, or “how to talk through your instrument”
  • Blues, Classical, Jazz, Latin
  • Having fun while learning

About Lessons:

  • Lessons given at the Berkeley store location
  • Hour or half hour
  • All Ages
  • $60/hour, $30/half hour
  • Lesson payments on a monthly schedule

Music theory can work two ways. Many approach it by seeing how many notes one can cram into a given chord or chord progression. Or substitute three chords or scales where there used to be one. This takes a lot of time to practice and master, time many of us don't have. There is another way to use this theoretical knowledge though. By simplifying. By using common tones in moving from one note and chord to another and the melodic line of the song, it is possible to create something of beauty. In my 40 years of playing and teaching flute and saxophone I can show how you how. By playing lots of notes we can reach musicians but by playing melodically and simply we can touch many more. Please call 510-533-6750.

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Rolf Johnson, trumpet lessons, piano lessons, Berkeley, CARolf Johnson teaches trumpet and piano and can be reached at 510-526-9266.

Rolf graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, which he attended after having won first place in Downbeat Magazine’s annual scholarship competition. He did a stint in the Air Force with the NORAD Band in Colorado Springs, serving as musical director for the NORAD Commanders Jazz Orchestra, as featured jazz trumpet and flügelhorn soloist, and as staff arranger for both the jazz and concert bands.

Over the years, Rolf has played with musicians as diverse as Gary Burton, Les Elgart, and Little Anthony and the Imperials. Since moving to the Bay Area, he has been active in a variety of musical styles and settings, including world music, reggae, salsa and Latin jazz, Brazilian music, swing, big bands and jazz. He performs and records both as a trumpet/fluegelhorn player and as a pianist.

Rolf is a published composer and arranger of big band jazz, and has arranged for many local swing bands, salsa and Latin jazz bands, jazz bands, and big bands.

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Donna Viscuso, flute lessons, saxophone lessons, Berkeley, CADonna Viscuso of the VNote ensemble, formerley the Snake Trio, and the Venezuelan Music Project is now teaching flute and saxophone here at Steve Deutsch Woodwinds, Etc. You can contact her at 510-985-1516 for lessons.

Donna is an experienced performer, composer and teacher, having worked in numerous schools, educational programs and grant-sponsored touring ensembles.

A talented composer, Donna has written music for several award-winning documentaries. Her compositions can also be heard on the popular Living Books collection of Educational CD-ROMs, including the ABC Book, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, Harry and the Haunted House and Arthur's Reading Race.

Donna has performed, recorded and toured with many groups, including The Snake Trio, Jackeline Rago and The Venezuelan Music Project, Altazor, Wild Mango, the KTO project, Chelle and Friends, Brazilian singer Adriana Moreno and Chilean singer/songwriter Lichi Fuentes.

She studied music at Laney College and San Francisco State University, and has experience playing flute, saxophone, harmonica and percussion.

Donna has traveled to Venezuela to further her musical studies. While there, she performed and recorded with several renowned musicians, including percussionist Alexander Livinalli and members of the Fundacion Bigott (Venezuela's Folkloric Institute). In addition she has recorded with Venezuelan musicians, Aquiles Baez, Gonzalo Grau, Marco Granados, and Leo Blanco.

She also performs regularly with the Adventures in Music Program, sponsored by the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, performing in elementary schools throughout the S.F. school district, as well as with the World Music Ensemble, W.O.W. (Women of the World) which performs for children of all ages in libraries and schools throughout California.

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Donna Viscuso, flute lessons, saxophone lessons, Berkeley, CAMichael Wilcox, bass lessons, (510) 849-BASS (2277)


Take advantage of the shortcuts an experienced teacher can show you -- the feedback youtube, a book or video can't give you.

Teacher with over 25 years experience. Five years Adjunct Faculty at San Jose State University.

Some topics covered:

  • Technique, Rhythm studies, Reading, Theory. Most styles and all levels.
  • Focus on establishing good technique, bio-mechanical individuality and correcting bad habits.
  • Studio in Emeryville near Oakland and Berkeley.
  • All levels and most styles accepted.
  • Former Jazzschool faculty member.
  • Google Talkbass for some recent comments!

See what former student Jeff Schmidt (winner of the Bass Extremes International Contemporary Solo Bass Competition) had to say.

Since moving to the Bay Area in 1986 Michael Wilcox has toured, performed, recorded and taught extensively, appearing on over 30 CDs, along with television, commercial and radio work.

He has toured with the Pickle Family Circus and The San Francisco Mime Troupe; written articles for Bass Player and Strings magazine.

He was an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Jazz Department at San Jose State University and taught at the California Jazz Conservatory (formerly the Jazzschool Institute) in Berkeley.

Michael played all three seasons with the Transcendental Theater Company and currently performs with the Michael Wilcox Trio, Distant Intervals and the Sheldon Brown Ensemble. Their premiere of Blood of the Air sold out its 2014 summer SF Jazz debut.

In 2015 he will be performing with Evolutions In Jazz: A Walk Through Jazz History.

He is working on an instructional methods for electric bass and improvisation.


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