510-533-6750 steved@mcn.org

Steve Deutsch: Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet Lesson in Berkeley, California

I have been teaching for twenty years and have established my teaching studio at my store at 2101B Woolsey St. in Berkeley in addition to running my repair shop. I enjoy teaching very much and it is my goal to convey the pleasure I get from playing music and to pass on the benefits of not only playing but a sense of the discipline required. I believe the music to be the great universal language, it brings people together from all races, religions, and cultures and at its best can help to foster a sense of community and communion.

Lesson Emphasis:

  • Posture, breathing and phrasing
  • Expressive playing, or “how to talk through your instrument”
  • Blues, Classical, Jazz, Latin
  • Having fun while learning

About Lessons

  • Lessons given at the Berkeley store location
  • Hour or half hour
  • All Ages
  • $60/hour, $30/half hour
  • Lesson payments on a monthly schedule

Music theory can work two ways. Many approach it by seeing how many notes one can cram into a given chord or chord progression. Or substitute three chords or scales where there used to be one. This takes a lot of time to practice and master, time many of us don’t have. There is another way to use this theoretical knowledge though. By simplifying. By using common tones in moving from one note and chord to another and the melodic line of the song, it is possible to create something of beauty. In my 40 years of playing and teaching flute and saxophone I can show how you how. By playing lots of notes we can reach musicians but by playing melodically and simply we can touch many more. Please call 510-533-6750.