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Steve Duetsch Clarinet Repair in Berkeley and San Frnacisco Bay Area

Oboe and Bassoon Repair Service

The Clarification of Musical Expression Through Repair

Oboes are the most difficult and complicated of all the woodwinds to both play and repair. They have a myriad of fine adjustments that must be in perfect alignment with one another to play.

I begin by checking the body for cracks. The upper joint is where most cracks occur and these are fixed using a variety of methods including pinning, banding, or super glue and grenadilla dust. Tone holes are resurfaced if necessary, all play is taken out of the keywork, springs are replaced as needed, Adjusting screws can have teflon inserts put in them by drilling holes in the screw, there are additional charges for this. The finest cork pads are used, and a variety of synthetic pads are available as well. Keys are polished, the wood is cleaned and oiled thoroughly with almond oil and then I let it sit for about 2-4 days before the beginning the rebuilding process.

Intonation adjustments can be made, but this can sometimes be hindered by the quality of both the instrument and the player. Tone holes can be undercut and voiced but one had better be sure of what one is asking for.

Prices are determined by the make of the instrument and what needs to be done on an instrument by instrument basis.

Pricing for repair:

Oboe Overhaul w/Full Conservatory System
Student Oboe Overhaul
Bassoon Overhaul w/Full Conservatory System
$125 an hour
Minimum charge is $40.00

** Shipping, handling, insurance and sales tax are not included.