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Steve Deutsch Woodwind Repair Services

Each instrument that comes my way invariably presents a new set of problems. The challenge is to eliminate mechanical problems so that one can play with the confidence that musical thought will not be interfered with. It was to this end that I recently took David Straubinger’s professional flute workshop in Indianapolis to learn his approach and have received certification from him. Each person I’ve found over the years has a different way of doing things and I’ve endeavored to arrive at my own synthesis.

Some of my past and present customers include Chico Freeman, Larry London (Berkeley Symphony), Hal Stein, Charles McNeal, Donna Viscuso, James Carter,Jay Spencer, Mary Cunningham (S.F. Sympony), Jim Grantham, Junior Walker, Jules Broussard, Herman Riley, Mary Wright, Damien Masterson, Skip Mesquite (Tower of Power) and many others not so well known perhaps but just as interesting.

Additional Woodwind Repair Information

Additional Information:

  • Shop Rate $95/hour
  • Consultation by appointment, 9 AM – 5:30 PM, PST, 510-533-6750
  • Piccolo, Bassoon, Oboe and other woodwind service available
  • Used instruments bought and sold
  • Additional charges for severe damage, certain types of sax resonators
  • Please use pricing list as guideline only, every instrument is unique
  • Special rates apply for David Straubinger and Jim Schmidt authorized pad installation

Muramatsu Certification

After my week of intensive training in Los Angeles with master repair technician Paul Rabinov, who trained with Bob Gilchrist, Jon Landell, Muramatsu and others, I received this certificate for Muramatsu flute repair. This gives me access to purchase Muramatsu pads and parts that are made specifically for the Muramatsu flute.

At this time I am one of five technicians in the United States trained in the advanced techniques necessary to the repair of Muramatsu flutes and the installation of their specially designed pads.

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