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Stolen Musical Instrument Report

Instruments stolen from a storage locker in Vallejo, CA

Yamaha SA 200 #129339

Epiphone Elitist Les Paul #311373221

Epiphone Les Paul Japan #F402681

1961 Guild X-175

Epiphone Elitist Broadway

Heritage H555 #023402

Gibson Lucille Cherry Red

Carr Imperial Amp 2×12

American Standard Stratocaster Cherry matching Headstock

Fender Blackface Princeton Reverb #A00932

Fender Vintage Black Reverb Unit 6G15

Fender Brown Princeton 6G2 #P04190

Fender Black Princeton AA964 #A04720

Lil Dawg Tweed Deluxe Amp

Ampeg Reverberocket #008515

Music Man 212 HD Amp #OP10689

Magnatone Solid Body Guitar #2000024

  1. Music Man Amp Head #BN09686

Greco Les Paul Japan “Rock Spirits” #5-2050

Music Man 112 Amp #BN00177

Guild M75 Guitar #83584

Carr Rambler Amp Black w/Eminence Speaker

Tokai Les Paul Reborn Guitar Sunburst

Music Man 210 HD 65 Amp #BN05478

Contact Steve Freund at 707-332-653


Brannen Flute #8703

I had my Brannen flute stolen out of my rental car in Oakland, CA. It is a 14K body and headjoint with silver keys. There are custom key extensions in the left hand. The serial number is 8703. If you come across it or have any advice please let me know. Thank you,Scott KemsleyPrincipal Flute, NYC Ballet Orchestra

Red Heckel Bassoon #12660

Please be a hero and let me know via email to iananewton1108@gmail.com.

I am offering a $5,000 cash reward to whoever can return my instrument – Ian Newton

Flyer with Details

Selmer Mark VI Tenor #196635

196635 – owned since new. (1973) trill music, Riverside, California
have original receipt and warranty.

Notify W. R. Parker: woodyroy2004@gmail.com

Emerson Boston Legacy Piccolo #433

Grenadilla wood, Silver keys. Emerson Piccolo serial number 433. It has a beautiful floral embroidered outer case.

Oakland, CA Online Police Report T22012398

Notify Rebecca: Rebecca