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Flute Repair and Service

Before work begins each flute is thoroughly inspected and the following questions are asked:

  • Has the flute been dropped and if so where,
  • Is the flute straight?
  • Is there damage to the tone holes, are they caved in or out of round?
  • Has the headjoint been bent or dented and does it fit smoothly?

Evaluated in this manner, dismantling can begin. Keys are swaged for perfect fit and the rods must slide smoothly through the hinge tubing. Posts are aligned so the keywork and post abutt one another, If needed, old pivot screws are replaced.

Work proceeds though the entire flute in this meticulous manner. Dents are removed, tone holes are examined and made level and round if necessary, stack rods and posts must be in a straight line and if the flute is old the rods are examined for rust. Springs are checked for rust and resiliency of tension. If these qualities are found lacking they are replaced. All solder joints are checked, especially soldered tone holes, and fixed if need be.

Once this work is completed:

  • Flute is given a bath in a biodegradable cleaning agent, polished, and then assembly begins.
  • Pad cups are leveled, correct size pads are chosen.
  • Only the finest sheet cork, felts and teflon are used for the combinations and on the feet of the keys.
  • Key arms are bent if necessary so that from a side view pad and key cups are parallel, and when each pad seats perfectly the key combinations are balanced.
  • The entire instrument is reassembled with attention to every detail.
  • Upon completion it sits for a day, then is checked again.
  • Finally the flute is played by a professional musician, intonation problems dealt with, and the action set.

The fit of the head and foot joints is of utmost importance, when done correctly your flute will sing. Straubinger pads are available, they are exceedingly stable and do not react to climatic changes as do felt pads. Additional charges will apply for their use. As a professional musician and technician, my thirty years of experience has led me to conclude that the same tension and resiliency should be felt through out the flute under your fingertips, and the result will be the minimum of effort to create the clarity of musical thought.

Pricing for repair:


Student Flute Overhaul
Intermediate Open Hole
Professional Closed Hole
Professional Open Hole
 – with Straubinger or Schmidt pads
Alto/Bass Flute Overhaul
$1000 – $1200
Student Piccolo Overhaul
Professional Piccolo Overhaul
Clean, Oil and Adjust
$350 + $40.00 per pad
Fitting Headjoints
$50 minimum

** Shipping, handling, insurance and sales tax are not included.

These are called High E facilitator rings and they are glued in the key hole of the lower G tone hole. They aid in reaching 3rd octave E and the note responds quicker and pitch is improved. The cost of this installation is $60 and if high E is a source of annoyance to you, well worth it. $60