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Woodwind Instrument Repair Apprenticeship Classes

Steve Deutsch on why I repair Woodwind InstrumentsI will soon be 64, and I have a great deal of knowledge to pass on to those of you interested in Woodwind Repair. This is knowledge accrued over the last 37 years in the business.

To pass this on knowledge I am creating a week long course in repair. You will be in my shop with a flute, clarinet or saxophone of your choice to repair. Tools that you don’t have will be provided but you must have your own screwdrivers, pliers and an alcohol lamp. ALL questions will be answered.

The cost for the week is $1200 and you are responsible for your own lodging. I have found that unless you pay me for my time it is worth less to you.

There aren’t many opportunities around anymore to learn what I’m teaching, so now is the time to take advantage if flute/saxophone/clarinet repair is your interest.

If you are interested please contact me: steved@mcn.org or call 510-533-6750.

Meet Chris Hall. He came down from Sacramento to take my flute repair course for a week. We covered key fitting, dents, leveling tone holes, and pad installation on both flute and piccolo. Each class is 5 days long and you get my complete and undivided attention.

“I recently took a woodwind repair apprenticeship from Steve Deutsch, and it was a really good experience. I brought in a flute that I wanted to work on, and after talking about my goals for the class, Steve set me up with a workbench and walked me through disassembling the flute. From there, we leveled the tone holes using several different techniques and went on to key fitting. At each stage, Steve explained the principles and demonstrated how to use the right tools, and then he had me work on my own. For example, he would show me how he leveled the first tone hole, work with me on the next couple, and then offer advice as I did the remainder. When we moved on to padding, we worked the same way. It was a perfect blend of close instruction and independent hands-on work, and at the end of the week, I had internalized a lot of information. I have been able to immediately apply the skills I learned, and I feel like this was an amazing value, to get this much one-on-one time with someone of Steve’s skill and experience. I also just enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the shop and the conversations I had with Steve. I recommend this class very highly.” – Chris Hall