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My Fine Art and Photography

About My Paintings

My love for music and art extends back into early childhood. At the Age of six I taught myself the theme to the “Trout” quintet by Shubert on
the recorder. I loved copying the caricatures of Mort Drucker from mad magazine and had a notebook full of them.

In high school I did an antidraft painting of Lyndon Johnson. Thru the following years I painted off and on, taking my inspiration from photos,
“the family of man”, or photos of musicians I love such as Eric Dolphy or BB King. Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Edward Weston, and Sebastiano Salgado are a source of great inspiration to me for both paintings and photos.

I have done landscapes but I do have a gift for portraits and capturing the look in an eye. How I do this I have no idea nor do I want to know,
better to just paint. During this time of covid hibernation I have done more painting than ever in between practicing bass clarinet, flute and keeping my store/instrument repair shop going. I look forward to showing these new paintings in galleries and exhibitions on the coming months.

I now have my own art gallery!!

These are paintings I’ve completed since covid began. Giclee prints are available starting at $125 on up depending on what size you want. I sure like being able to see everything I’ve done and I’m quite proud of it.

New Painting – Professor Longhair

I just finished my 24”x36” portrait of Professor Longhair. Giclee prints are available.

Steve Deutch Art: Professor Longhair
Steve Deutch Art: Professor Longhair Closeup View
Steve Deutch Art: Professor Longhair close with hat