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Gary Lewis Flute Crown

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The new Lewis Crown combines three unique designs into a single unit that replaces the traditional crown on any flute:

  • A carefully tuned resonator augments the clarity and response of right hand notes so that the D - E - F regions of the first and second registers match the sound of the left hand as never achieved before. You can feel the increased vibrancy this resonator gives your headjoint by holding it near the tenon and tapping the embouchure.
  • A spring linkage reduces tension at the top of the headjoint and allows for freer vibration of the flute tube, letting the player experience reduced tension in their body as the instrument responds more easily and naturally.
  • An extension tube brings refinement of texture, ease of intervallic response, and a full ringing third register tone.

Using the new Lewis Crown:

  • Remove your existing crown and gently screw in the new Lewis Crown. Save the original crown as it will be needed if you ever wish to adjust the position of your cork, or stopper.
  • Thread the Lewis Crown on the headjoint until the crown makes contact with the top of the head tube and then turn it about four extra full turns to set the proper spring tension. The Lewis crown is tightened gently so that the spring will act freely (unlike traditional crowns that are tightened hard). If it becomes too tight, reverse one turn.
  • Find the optimum point for your right hand response by fine-tuning the position of the crown. Most players find best results with the point of the Lewis logo (on the dome of the crown) and corresponding blue line (on the rim of the crown) aligned pointing towards the blowing edge of the embouchure hole. Play a descending chromatic scale from second register B to middle D, listening for evenness of response. If necessary, make a small adjustment to the alignment of the blue line with the embouchure by rotating the crown a bit, playing the descending chromatic scale again, and repeating until optimum results are obtained.
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